Stories Behind The Songs: “The Story Isn’t Over Yet”

    • 07

    A good friend of mine, Beth Guckenberger, uses the phrase the story isn’t over yet quite often. She recently authored a book called Relentless Hope in which she gives voice to so many who have been, or are still in situations that threaten to crush their faith and steal their hope in God. She included a portion of my testimony in that book. I wrote this song one day, after reflecting on how my life has turned out completely different than the one I had planned for myself. The older I get, the more I begin to see that I don’t know what is good for my life, but God does. Even good things I’ve longed for deeply and wanted immediately, He has had to prepare my character for before giving. Some of those deep longings are still in waiting. Ultimately I believe that all of our trials in this life are meant to draw us close to the heart of God. Our past failures and shattered dreams, illness, the suffering or loss of loved ones; are all meant to bring us into the presence of God. I believe the reason for that is we find His presence to truly be the answer to our longing. There we find Him to be who we long for most. Things that satisfy us here, at best, can only serve as windows into who He is for us. So when we feel like giving up in the middle of our story, may God remind us that He is not only the author, but the perfecter of our faith, and He is working all things together for our good. (Romans 8:28)

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