Stories Behind The Songs: “Every Part of Me” – Part 1

    • 07

    After leading worship one night in Monterrey, Mexico, a woman approached me and said, “I like these new songs, but they’re shallow. I miss the depth and power in the old hymns.” Though I continued smiling and nodding my head, inside I was deflated. I too love the old hymns, and my life was shaped by the message they proclaim. There is a special place in my heart for old songs of the faith, so I understand where this lady was coming from. I’m not even sure she realized those “shallow” songs we were singing were written by me, nor do I believe she was trying to be hurtful, but I must admit it hurt. I remember thinking, If she only knew. How meaningful every lyric is to me. How I long for the message of what I’m saying to be truthful and meaningful. How important it is for me to, well, get it right. I wonder if those hymn writers ever thought that people hundreds of years later would be singing their songs? I doubt it. My guess is they just wanted to be faithful to God and proclaim the truth in a way that moved others. Every since I released my first project as an 18 year old, I have told the stories that inspired the songs, along with Bible verses that speak to the truth of what I’m writing. For me, songwriting has always felt like a calling, and I have never been tired of it. Something deep in me, wants to convey the truth about God to others. I am a vessel. A servant. I reflect deeply upon His Word, and ask God to give me songs that preach. I believe Jesus Christ is the hope of the world, and His Spirit compels me to share with others in the most creative and moving way I know how. It’s not about having a #1, or making money. My prayer for this project, as with them all, is that it would draw all who listen near to the heart of God.


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